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Like an Indian arrowhead, Masbate lies almost at the center of the Philippine archipelago with its tip pointing towards the north of Asia Gulf extending towards the China sea.

The island province sprawls with verdant rolling hills and green landscape and rich aquatic reserve.

The wild wild west comes alive in the island every year. Every May, the country’s local cowboys flock to the capital town of Masbate to display their power over untamed cattles during its festival called Rodeo Filipino. In this international fair, the arena burst with fun and excitement and shouting.

Masbate is a flourishing island-province. Its three islands (Ticao, Burias and Masbate) are bounded with clean and fine beaches. Its sea waters abound with exotic fishes, corals and many other marine life.

Its mainland takes pride of underground rivers, unexplored caves and green landscape.

Natural Tourist Destinations

Limestone Hills

Believed to have been inhabited by the Kalanay people. These early inhabitants practiced jar burials. Excavations yielded human bones.

Kalanay Falls

A beautiful scenery, found in Brgy. Nabangig.

Sombrero Island
San Pascual

Hat-shaped island with stretches of white sand beaches

Underwater Cave


This cave is located within the jurisdiction of Barangay Boca Engaño of the entrance of which is undersea. During high tide, it will take even an unskilled diver only a few seconds to enter the cave; it is neck-deep during low tide. Inside the cave are well-sealed human caskets carved out of solid wood believed to be 500 years old that still contain human remains.

Mataba-Tinigban to Napayuan Iisland

A five-kilometer stretch of glittering white sands. At Napayauan Island, the surrounding water is full of marine life. It is ideal for snorkel and scuba diving.

Bat-ongan Caves

Found in this mole-like mountain, famous for its numerous chambers and beautiful rock formation towering at about 150 feet. The caves offer tourists a thrilling experience in steep rock-climbing up to the highest peak.

Batongan Underground River

For daring and adventurous visitors. It is approximately 10 kilometers to Mandaon.

Cagpating Island

Cagpating Island, Monreal. It is noted for its crystal-clear waters and beautiful pebbles on one side and a deep rocky side that provides a panoramic view of Masbate Island.

Tinalisayan Island
Burias Island

An enchanting place ideal for sunbathing and swimming.

Aroroy Beach

A fast-becoming attraction among excursionists. Its unspoiled natural beauty is the dominant feature.

Colara Beach

Neat and white sands ideal for weekend excursions and picnics.

Matangtubig Spring

A unique spring with three sources. The spring comes out of a rock. Trees and lush vegetation give shade in the area around the spring.

Talisay Beach
San Fernando

Famous for the rocks which serve as natural diving board for swimmers. Smooth, shiny pebbles of various sizes abound.

Dacu Beach

A favorite site for picnics during weekends .

Ubo Falls

Locally known as “Little Pagsanjan Falls”.

Tagoron Waterfalls

Located along the sea, found in the barrio of Tagoron. A good place for picnics and excursion. Cascading at the height of 60 feet. Different species of varied-colored fishes swim at or close to the base of waterfalls.

Deagan Island

A scenic island off Palanas coast noted for its beautiful beaches and colorful fishes. It is a haven for yacht enthusiasts and skin divers.


Famous for its wide beach and white sand. Ideal for board surfers because of the Sibuyan waters

Isla de Paraiso

A small islet covered with powder white sand and crystal water and a “breathtaking sunset”. Mangroves covering the different sides of the islet.

Bit-un Beach Resort

Ideal for group picnic, conferences and party.

Bugui Point Lighthouse

Located at barangay Gumahaang, constructed during the Spanish era.

Bontod Beach

A coral island, noted for the immaculate white sand. Its beautiful surrounding water teems with exotic coral reefs. It is ideal for snorkeling and scuba diving.






Colorado Lighthouse

Believed to have been built during the Spanish era but renovated during the American regime.

Jintotolo Lighthouse

Picturesque in its 19th century architecture.

San Pascual Church
San Pascual

Oldest existing church built by the Spaniards in the Bicol Region

Special Area of Interest

Tacdogan Reef
San Jacinto, Ticao Island

One of only two areas where Manta Rays abound, the giant mantas come to the area to feed. The reef is a six hectare shoal of coral formation 60 feet below the surface. Proof positive of the thriving marine ecosystem in the area.

Villa Bayot

This house was constructed in 1880. In its dining room, Spanish authorities enjoyed the best wines from Manila and Acapulco and the largest lobsters from Masbate Bay. During the Commonwealth period, President Manuel L. Quezon is said to have danced the tango in its halls and slept in its finest bedroom. The Japanese used it as their garrison. In 1944, the American liberators shelled and bombed the capital but the big house was spared. It came under guerrilla siege to dislodge the Japanese, but it remained unscathed.

In 1946, President Roxas visited Masbate and stayed in this house briefly to dance the waltz. His hosts were Don Francisco Bayot and his granddaughter, 1937 Miss Philippines Chita Zaldarriaga.